Iffley History Society

Programme Year 2019-2020: Collectors and Collections

On 19th November Marc Allum will speak to us on “The Great Collectors.”

Marc is an art and antiques journalist, writer and broadcaster. You may have seen him on the BBC as he is one of the specialists who explain and value items brought to The Antiques Roadshow.

He says his talk will cover the evolution of collecting from the basic magpie instincts of our ancient ancestors through to some of the greatest collectors through history including Rudolf  II, John Tradescant, Peter the Great, Lord Hamilton, Henry Welcome.. etc. He also says he will bring some interesting artefacts from his own collection to add even more interest. But not, I imagine, the vase he is holding in this photo … which was valued at £1m!

The Iffley Church Hall door will open at 19.10, with the talk starting at 19.30pm.