Previous years

Season 1993-94
March The 19th century Oxfordshire village Kate Tiller
April The people and places of Oxfordshire: writing the Victoria County History Simon Townley
May The Iffley Tapestry Mrs HuntleyJohn CritchleyMrs V. Graham-Greene
Season 1994-95
October Voices of Oxford Conrad Keating
February Fields into suburbs: Iffley Road developments in the 19th and 20th centuries Malcolm Graham
March Oxfordshire seasonal customs Christine Bloxham
April Families in Tudor and Stuart Iffley Adrienne Rosen
Season 1995-96
October Migratory maids Pamela Horn
November The history of Thames navigation D G Wilson
February Oxfordshire sinners and villains Carl Boardman
March The history of parish churches in Oxfordshire Nicholas Doggett
April A study of Iffley in 1961 Margaret Cullen
May Going to school in Victorian Oxfordshire David Eddershaw
Season 1996-97
October Henry Taunt, Oxford photographer Malcolm Graham
November World War II defences of Oxford and the river Bill King
February Iffley, Brunel and the Great Western Railway John Leigh
March Agriculture and the enclosures of the 18th and 19th centuries David Eddershaw
April The history of Iffley mill John Perrott
May Iffley church and medieval life Ruth Nineham
Season 1998-99
October Iffley and the Black Assizes Elizabeth Wells
November Iffley church wardens and overseers Sheila Fairfield
February Children’s health and wellbeing Kate Field
March Paper roofs of Oxfordshire Malcom Airs
April The threat to Iffley lock John Perrott
May Reading the landscape
Season 1999-2000
October Oxfordshire in World War II Malcolm Graham
November Births and marriage in Elizabethan Iffley Elizabeth Wells
December “The Changing Faces of Iffley” (publication launch) Ann Spokes Symonds
February Migration from Oxfordshire in the 18th & 19th centuries Martyn Brown
March John Towle: a watermiller John Perrott
May Baptists in Oxfordshire S Carver
Season 2000-01
October Oxford’s waterways heritage: the canal and river from the 18th century Mark Davies
November Oxford castle Paul Booth
February Japanese codes at Bletchley Park: some personal recollections Maurice Wiles
March Agriculture in Iffley since Domesday Susan Bird
April Who built Iffley church? Ruth Nineham
May Vernacular architecture David Clark
Season 2001-02
October A history of malting and brewing Stephen Capel-Davies
November Survival of the fittest: a brief history of child rearing Jan Warner
February Victorian shops and advertising in Oxford David Vaisey
March Visit to Oxfordshire County Records Office
April Christchurch Cathedral: “A peculiar place” James Godfrey
May Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations in Oxford David Eddershaw
Season 2002-03
October A city at war: Oxford 1642-1646 Rosemary Kelly
November Oxfordshire houses John Pilling
December Fifty years of Iffley
February Looking for God’s sisters: Godstow Nunnery Graham Keevil
March The golden age of coaching Martin Way
April A celebration of the willow Sheila Fairfield
May The magic lantern Peter Coveney
Season 2003-04
October Oxford waits and their musical world Tim Healy
November Hayllar and Leslie: painters of Wallingford Anthony Wilder
December Dr Johnson in Iffley Displays
February The Cotswold wool trade and shepherding Martin Way
April The first parish council elections Christopher Hall
May Early Stuart Iffley from parish records Elizabeth Wells
June Visit to Chalgrove
Season 2004-05
October Visit to the University Press Museum
November JJ Faulkner: Oxford grocer, pacifist and temperance advocate Robert Sephton
December Grove House and Sir George Forrest Elizabeth Wells
February Oxford’s postal history Godfrey Townsend
March New images of Oxford, 2001-04 John Ashdown
April Religion, politics and magic in the Thames Valley (Dr Pordage and his circle, 1646-54) Manfred Brod
May The medieval guilds Joan Dils
June Visit to Ewelme
Season 2005-06
October The history of the apple Barrie Juniper
November Major GWG Allen: aerial archaeologist Arthur MacGregor
February Anglo-Saxon art and craft Martin Way
March Town and gown relations Chris Day
April Visit to Long Hanborough Bus Museum
May The Victoria County History: recent work Simon Townley
June Outing to Flora Thompson country Martin Greenwood
Season 2006-07
October Place names Dr Cole
November History of the thatched roof John Letts
December Sugar & spice: cooking before chocolate Elizabeth Wells
February White’s of Appleton visit
March Country carriers Martin Greenwood
June Visit to Hook Norton
Season 2007-08
October Life on narrowboats Martin Way
November Medieval pilgrimage Tim Porter
February The history of house design Edmund Gray
March Visit to Cuddesdon Mark Chapman
April Pre-Raphaelites in Oxford Alice Foster
May Oxford coffee houses 1650-1800 Dr Aubertin Potter
9th July Visit to Brill
Season 2008-09
October Tour of the Oxford Museum of the History of Science Stephen Johnston
November Behind the octagon badge Brian Moylan
December Farming and village life in the late 19th century John Wilson
February The evolution of house design in Iffley and beyond (part 2) Edmund Gray
March The historic office of Lord Lieutenant Hugo Brunner
April The church in Saxon times Tom Pickles
Season 2009-10
October Earning their own crusts: child labour in Oxfordshire Liz Woolley
November The history of Oxford medicine Eric Sidebottom
December Green Men of Oxfordshire Tim Healey
February No kidding, Mr Hitler: the Upper Thames patrol in World War II Bill King
March Petticoats and partlets: women’s clothing in the first half of the 17th century Barbara Allison
April Preserving the past: the work of a local historian Malcolm Graham
May JMW Turner and Oxford Hubert Pragnell
Season 2010-11
October Oxford’s historic waterways: legend to leisure Mark Davies
November Symm and Company, stonemasons visit
February The common lodging house in Victorian England Liz Woolley
March Oxfordshire: anatomy of a county (based on the new historical atlas of Oxfordshire) Kate Tiller
April Sulgrave Manor and the Washington family Martin Scott-Smith
May The building of Nuneham Park Gavin Hannah
Season 2011-12
October Tin helmets and gas masks: the home front in WW2 Martin Way
November The new-look Oxfordshire Record Office: how we can use it Chris Gilliam
February Turbulent times in the car industry: the Cowley Works, 1912-88 David Buckle
March Medieval stained glass: the craftsmen and their techniques Anna Eavis
April The Oxford church since the Oxford Movement Geoffrey Tyack
May Findings of the East Oxford Archaeology Project Jane Harrison
Summer visit Visit to Combe Mill
Season 2012-13
October The “1000 Years of Oxfordshire” woodcarving Brian Eastoe
November Old maps: Gough to Google John Leighfield
December The story of the bicycle: 125 years of Raleigh bikes Tony Hadland
February Visit to the Bate Collection of musical instruments, Oxford
March Beyond Magdalen Bridge: the growth of East Oxford Graeme Salmon
April Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough and the building of Blenheim Palace Jeri Bapasola
May Britain’s most eccentric sports Richard O. Smith
Season 2013-14
October “The Lord is My Light”: coats of arms and colourful folk in the Bodleian Library in the 17th century John Ashdown
November The history of Oxford’s covered market Malcolm Graham
December The coming of the railway to Oxford Liz Woolley
February The history of Salter’s Steamers Simon Wenham
March Chapel and community: Methodism in Oxfordshire Kate Tiller
April Bird symbolism in the early medieval world and Iffley Church Janina Ramirez
May The first 393 years of Oxford Botanic Garden Timothy Walker
July Visit to Rousham House and gardens
Season 2014-15 Great Conflicts
October The Ox and Bucks on the Somme 1916 Stephen Barker
November The Cotswolds in the Wars of the Roses Tim Porter
December Oxford: the home front in WW2 Malcolm Graham
February Oxford in the Civil War Alastair Lack
March Blenheim: battle for Europe  Christine Gadsby
April World War One at home Kate Tiller
May Jam busters! The Women’s Institute in WW2  Julie Summers
Summer Outing Visit to Sulgrave Manor
Season 2015-16 Women in History
October “The Empress Matilda” Tim Porter
November “Iffley’s Alice and Her Legacy” Elizabeth Wells
December “The Medieval Craftswoman” Elizabeth Gemmill
February “Votes for Women in Oxfordshire” Katherine Bradley
March “Jane Austen and Adlestrop – her Other Family” Victoria Huxley
April “Saint Hilda of Whitby” Janina Ramirez
May “Mary Somerville and the World of Science” Allan Chapmn
Season 2016-17 Travel & exploration
October “James Sadler: Oxford Pastry Cook & First English Aeronaut” Mark Davies
November “John Leland’s Travels in Tudor England” Tim Porter
December “Everest needs you Mr Irvine: the story of the ill-fated 1924 expedition” Julie Summers
February “Travel’s with Auntie: My Life at the BBC Overseas World Service” Alastair Lack
March “Journeys to Paradise: Exploration and Exploitation in the South Pacific” John Harris
April “T.E Lawrence: an Unusual Genius” Philip Neale
May “Travelling Through Time: Place-Names and Field Names of East Oxford” Katie Hambrook
Summer Visit Winchcombe and Stanway House
2017-18 Arts & Sciences
October “Mysterious Lewis Carroll” Alastair Lack
November “English Gothic: Eight Centuries of Architecture, Arts and Ideas” Tim Porter
December “A Crystal Vision of Victorian Britain: the Great Exhibition of 1851” Simon Wenham
February “The Oxfordshire of J.M.W Turner” James Hamilton
March “Scientific and Medical Oxford” Victoria Bentata
April “Pre-Raphaelites in Oxford” Mark Davies
May “Dr. Charles Daubeny – Botanist, Chemist & Reformer of Natural Sciences at 19th Century Oxford” Allan Chapman
Summer Visit Tubney House & Milton Manor
2018-2019 Buildings and Builders
October The Buildings of Oxford University Alastair Lack
November Purbeck Marble: The Royal Stone of 13th Century England Tim Porter
December Uninvited Guests: The Secret Life of Britain’s Country Houses 1939-1945 Julie Summers
February Morris’s Motorpolis: The Motor Works and the Transformation of Oxford Simon Wenham
March Chedworth Roman Villa Nick Humphris
April A Domestic Idyll? Life in Victorian North Oxford Malcolm Graham
May The Victorian and Edwardian Development of East Oxford Liz Woolley
Summer Visit Corinium Museum & Chedworth Roman Villa

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