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What we do
Each year the Society arranges for members a programme of  a mixture of evening talks, and visits to sites of interest in Oxford, or Oxfordshire or sometimes in neighbouring counties. Our current programme is here:

MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS:  The Society’s annual programmes run from October to July (no meeting in January). Subscriptions/ renewals due 1 September: £8

If you would like to join just come to one of our Meetings or  if you also require further information please email or use the comment box below.

Visitors are always welcome: there is a £3 door charge.

Personal data protection & your privacy
As a member of the Society you will be entitled to receive a programme card, twice yearly Newsletters, details about Society visits or outings,  and a copy of any Society publication published during your membership. (Sometimes we may also need to alert you to changes to advertised events.) To receive these, the Committee will need to hold your name and delivery address (postal or email) of choice during your membership.
The Committee exercises due diligence to make sure this data is kept confidential and secure: it is not shared or sold to any third party, except as may be required by law.
Please see the Society’s full Privacy Policy (pdf format)

Chairman:        Elizabeth Wells

Secretary:          Paul Butler

Treasurer:         Dave Broughton

Membership Secretary: Viviane Robertson

John Harris, Sally Levell, Celia Palmer, Catherine Wolfe-Smith.


Mill part of Iffley from mid (11th till fire in 1908

The mill : part of Iffley from mid (11th till fire in 1908






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