Our Publications

Copies of most of these publications are available for purchase at Iffley Village Community Shop on Church Way. Alternatively, if you would like to order a copy to be sent through the post, please contact iffleyhistorysociety@gmail.com.

Prices indicated for each publication below do not include postage.

Author(s) Year published Cover price
1 Iffley, Brunel and the Great Western Railway

Brunel’s original route for the railway branch to Oxford passed directly through the middle of Iffley village. The debates in Parliament (which voted down the proposals) make interesting reading

John Leigh 1997 £3.00
2 Iffley Church and Medieval Life

Several special features of St Mary’s Iffley, such as the unique font and the pillars in the choir, provide insights into life in medieval times

Ruth Nineham 1997 £3.00
3 Iffley Watermill – a History

The watermill at Iffley burned down in 1908, but before then had a long and eventful history going back to the 12th century

John Perrott  1999 £3.00
4 Life Around the Time of the First Millennium

The Iffley ‘Millennium History Lecture’ looking back to life a thousand years before

Dennis Nineham 2000 £3.00
5 Who Built Iffley Church? – what can we know about him/her?

A Q&A approach to understanding more about our church

Ruth Nineham 2001 £3.00
6 Elizabethan Iffley: a first glimpse

An early picture of the village, drawing on the earliest known Iffley Parish Register of 1572

Elizabeth Wells 2001 £3.00
7 The 19th century Threat to Iffley Lock

The lock today is an essential feature of Iffley, but in the late 1800s it was under real threat of removal as a proposed solution (happily not carried through) to the problem of flooding upstream

John Perrott/John Leigh 2001 £3.00
8 Agricultural Life in Iffley – from Norman times to the Victorian age

Until well into the 19th century, Iffley was an entirely rural village living an agricultural existence

Susan Bird 2003 £3.00
9 From Lofty Minds to Lifted Lofts – a northerly progress through Iffley

A pot-pourri of places, events and people in the village through the centuries

various 2004 £3.00
10 Grove House and its People

The story of one of Iffley’s most celebrated houses, from the 1830s to the end of the 20th century

Sheila Fairfield/ Elizabeth Wells 2005 £3.00
11 Major Allen (1891-1940) – aerial archaeologist

An Iffley resident for much of his life, George Allen was among the foremost pioneers in the development of aerial surveying for archaeological purposes

Dr Arthur MacGregor 2006 £3.00
12 A House with Lawns – stories of Hawkwell, The Priory and The Elms

The stories of three related 19th century villas close to the centre of the village

Sheila Fairfield  2008 £3.00
13 Village Lives

Brings together thumb-nail pictures of a number of Iffley ‘characters’ through the 19th and 20th centuries

 Sheila Fairfield  2009 £3.00
14 The Great War: Iffley Remembers

26 men of Iffley died in the Great War and many others were fortunate to return home. This book tells some of their stories

Ron + Diana Cosford 2014 £5.00
15 The Rat Catcher’s Bride:  glimpses of a 19th century life

The story of Harriet Faulkner who lived in and around Rose Hill.

 Elizabeth Wells  2015  £3.50
16 The recluse of Iftele: Annora de Briouze : the life and times of an anchoress in medieval England
On 7th July 2018 Living Stones Iffley hosted a celebration in honour of Annora. Dr Hilary Pearson was one of four lecturers that day. She generously allowed the History Society to publish her talk.
 Hilary Pearson  2019  £3.00

 A previous Chairman, Sheila Fairfield, has also given the society copies of her booklet Mrs Nowell’s School: Charity Work in Old Iffley  (1988)  £2.50, which she wrote before the society was in existence.


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