“The Great War: Iffley Remembers”

ISBN – 13: 978-0-9929559-0-8
Iffley History Publication (no 14) (August 2014). Price £5.00

Twenty-six men of Iffley died in the Great War, and over 150 others were fortunate to return home. Twenty-one of those who died are commemorated in St Mary’s church in Iffley, although their memorial tablet can easily be overlooked by visitors to the church, overshadowed as it is by the beauty of the early Norman architecture.
This short book sets out to tell some of the stories of these men (and one woman) and their interwoven lives in what was, 100 years ago, still just a small village. It also includes a ‘Roll of Honour’ listing all of their names and as much detail as we have been able to find.
The book also explains the significance of the Iffley Memorial Institute which was founded in 1917 but fell into disuse and was demolished in 1973.

A little about the authors: Ron Cosford, who came to the Oxford area in 1969 as the founding Director of the Open University’s South Region, has teamed up with his wife, Diana, pooling their combined experience of family history.

How to purchase:
The book is directly on sale in the Iffley Village shop.


3 thoughts on ““The Great War: Iffley Remembers”

  1. Thank you, Sali! It was good to know that the book has received some attention in the USA, albeit by a distant cousin. But it was even better to have re-established contact with you.

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