Iffley History Society

Summer Outing 2019: Wednesday 11 September

This year the Society’s outing transports us back to Roman Britain, in particular life in the district of Britannia Prima.

Our morning will be in the provincial capital, Corinium – or Circencester as it is now called.  A lecture at the museum will give us the background to the area and urban life in the period, before we are free to explore the galleries.
In the afternoon, we move to Chedworth Roman villa, to see how rural life in Romano-British was lived.

Travel will be by coach, leaving from Iffley Turn at 9am. Expected return will be about 6pm.
The cost – including coach, talks and guides, morning coffee, and light lunch (in Corinium Museum) – is £25 pp  plus £10.40 which non members of the National Trust will be required to pay on arrival at Chedworth.  Iffley History Society members who are National Trust Members please do remember to have your cards with you, as they will be checked on arrival.
Society members are receiving a form either by inbox or letter box in the last days of July/first  days of August.  The size of the coach limits the size of our group to 30. Priority will be given to Iffley History Society Members. But if there are spaces, non-members would also be welcome.

The Ashmolean’s current exhibition Last Supper in Pompeii further supports our theme! The dedicated viewer, having been wowed by some 400 objects from Pompeii, will see (in the penultimate case) a mortarium made in one of the Roman Kilns discovered when Annesley Road in Rose Hill was being laid out in 1935.  (Roman activity in the area had been known to Victorian local historians, and recorded by Reverend Edward Marshall in his Township of Iffley (2nd edn 1874) 156, and further examined by Percy Manning. Thanks to the collaboration between the Bodleian and google books, the Marshall book is available as free download.)

The programme of evening talks will start again in October 2019.




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