Iffley History Society

Not long to go now before the first evening of the Society’s 2017-2018 programme!
The date is 17 October – time 19.30 – venue Iffley Church Hall. (The doors open from 19.10 to allow time for any payment of subscriptions in person at the Membership Table before the formal business begins.)

The first item for the evening will be the AGM. (Members will have received AGM papers in advance either via inbox or letter box.)

Business done, we can settle down to enjoy Alastair Lack Alackon “The mysterious Lewis Carroll.” However, as the theme of this year’s series of talks is Science and MedicineĀ  we shall be hearing more of the mathematician and photographer the Reverend Dodgson, rather than the literary Carroll.

As we began life as a local history society, it is splendid to know there is documentary evidence that the reverend photography certainly did visit Iffley. LCPhot

The Society’s library has a copy of the volume (cover illustrated right) if they would like to see what (or rather whom) he seems to have photographed while visiting …


A spot of current local history: the wonderful horse-chestnut tree which stood guard outside the church gates & was an eye catcher at the end of Church Way for nearly 200 years has succumbed to age and disease. If only it could have told us half the village sights and sounds it had witnessed!



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