Iffley History Society

On Tuesday 18th April the Society will meet for The Vivien Greene Memorial Lecture.

This year our speaker will be Philip Neale who will tell us about “T.E. Lawrence: An unusual genius.” Philip is the current chairman of The TE Lawrence Society so once again we will be able to benefit from an enthusiast & an expert.


Lawrence had been an archaeologist in Syria, before enlisting in 1914. For 2 years, 1916-18, he was with the Arab army, working closely with Emir Faisal (later King Faisal of Iraq).

“I was…[fitted out]…in splendid white silk and golden-embroidered wedding garments which had been sent to Faisal lately (was it a hint?) by his great-aunt in Mecca.” (T. E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom Ch.XX)

You may have seen the rather splendid set of apparel preserved in the Ashmolean – now it is the subject of a podcast in the Ashmoleian series Thinking with Objects


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