Iffley History Society

      Our Christmas Meeting is 20 December in Iffley Church Hall.

Julie Summers one of Iffley’s resident authors returns with a talk entitled “Everest needs you Mr Irvine – the story of the ill-fated 1924 expedition.” Sandy (Alexander) Irvine was both Julie’s great-uncle – and the subject of her first book, Fearless on Everest.


Available in a good bookshop near you!

Next time you are visiting Merton College,  take a short detour from the chapel (one of the acknowledged tourist must-sees!)  to the small detached Grove Building. (Rather unremarkable now – built in 1864 it was originally pure Butterfield, but someone with taste paid for improvements in the 1930s.) Just to its west you will find the memorial below (designed by Eric GIll) as Sandy had been an undergraduate engineer at Merton.


Photo of the Irvine Memorial © Simon Cope, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.

Julie’s other talents include exhibition organiser : those of you in or near Manchester this winter have an opportunity to see Fashion on the Ration which has moved from the London Imperial War Museum to IWM North until 30 March 2017.

“A new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum celebrates the ingenuity, determination, and just plain battiness of the attempts by the stylish to get around rationing and shortages of everything from knicker elastic to buttons”. Maev Kennedy, The Guardian



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