Iffley History Society

The second evening  talk on the theme of  Travel and exploration will be on Tuesday 15th Novemberin Iffley Church Hall.

Tim Porter

Tim Porter

The Society will be welcoming back Tim Porter,  NADFAS lecturer and WEA tutor and lecturer in medieval history and art, to tell us all about  “John Leland’s Travels in Tudor England”

Leland, was a pioneer of “proper” historical research in England. A 1521 graduate of Christ’s College Cambridge  (Thanks to the entry for Leland by Dr Frank Woodman on Christ’s website for facts in this post!),  he later tried to bring some learning to Oxford with a fellowship at  All Souls’, before  a spell in Paris.
After taking holy orders back in  England,  Leland was first a private tutor, before

Read more about his work!

Read more about his work!

somehow catching the attention of Henry VIII. In 1533  the King put Leland to work – to investigate the archival record of England’s greater ecclesiastical institutions  (prior to their final dismantling with the Dissolution) Leland’s huge report first went under the title  The laboryeuse Journey and Serche of J. Leylande for Englandes Antiquitees geven of him for a Neu Yeares Gifte, eec.,  A later   edition put it more simply as  The Itinerary of John Leland  (editors Thomas Burton and Thomas Hearne (9 v 1710-1712)

As usual, the talk will start at 7.30 pm .


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