Iffley History Society

The Society’s last meeting for 2015 will be on Tuesday 15th December, when  we welcome Dr Elizabeth Gemmill. Her talk will tell us about The medieval craftswoman.

Dr Gemmill is Associate Professor of Local History at Oxford and Fellow of Kellogg College.   (More information on her areas of research and her publications.) Gemmill

In 2012 she was given the accolade of ‘Most Acclaimed Lecturer’ in the Department for Continuing Education by Oxford University Student Union. Some of her lectures feature as a series in the growing library of Oxford University Podcasts.

The Tuesday evening will start at 7.30pm, and conclude with the Society’s Christmas Party, with seasonal refreshments. Consequently, non-members will be charged a slightly bigger than normal door charge, £3 per person. Which may make the idea of membership more attractive for some! This is only £6 for the year – so even joining at the December meeting could be a saving if at least one of the 4 2016 meetings February – May appeal, as all new members get a complimentary copy of our latest publication too!

Village history is moving on:  the combination of age and disease mean that the wonderful chestnut just outside the gateway to the church, at the end of Church Way, will have to be felled this December. A replacement tree is promised – so this will be new beginning, but it will cetainly take a bit of getting used to! Luckily, google mapping captured it  and its memory will survive in photographs in our archives – often as a backdrop to the traditional May Day parades of the village children.



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