Iffley History Society

Our second meeting of our current programme will be on Tuesday 17 November.

Our season on the theme of Prominent Women having started with the daughter and mother of kings (and the proud wife of a King & Emperor – and a slightly less enthusiastic wife of a boy Count), the chairwoman of our Society, Elizabeth Wells, assures us her talk will deal with prominence of a completely different order!

Her talk is entitled Iffley’s Alice & her lasting legacy. ( And, no nothing to do with a Victorian girl or her fictional adventures!) The talk will have a distinctly East Oxford local history focus dealing with a village widow whose desire to alleviate the plight of the poor in her neighbourhood still contributes a small piece of relief when it can, nearly 350 years after her death.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm. Non members welcome: small door charge of £2.00pm. Venue is Church Hall, Church Way, Iffley OX4 4EG. Doors open from about 7.10 pm onwards.

By tradition, Alice's marital home.

By tradition, Alice’s marital home.



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