November meeting

Our season got under way with a very well-illustrated talk by Stephen Barker on what the men of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry got up to in 1916 – on and off the front line. Very skillfully he wove in details Ron and Diana Cosford had discovered in researching the Society’s latest publication.

Our next talk will be on Tuesday 18 November  – once again in Iffley Church Hall, starting at 7.30pm.

Continuing the theme of Great Conflicts down the ages – Tim Porter will be telling us about the impact of the Wars of the Roses on The Cotswolds.
Tim describes himself as an itinerant lecturer, will be well-known to many in Oxford as he is  often to be found speaking in the Ashmolean.

Tim Porter

Mercifully, the only details we currently know about mid C15th Iffley are peaceful: in 1445 Lincoln College, Oxford,  became owner of  the Iffley Mill Estate. In  1448 they turned one wheel to income source by letting it as ‘le fullynge-mill’ for 7 years at 40s. a year, to William Mardyn or Fuller, and Richard Farthyngston, both of Iffley. “It was certainly a water-mill because it had ‘ladels’, and it was almost certainly worked by one wheel of the existing mill. ”  A few years later, in 1462 Lincoln let the  “cornemylle” at Iffley for  fifteen years at £7 10s. a year to Thomas Bell of Iffley, miller, with 1 messuage and toft and the fishery.  VCH online.


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